Welcome to Visionality's 'About Me' page, so here's an obligatory biography page!

And a photo of me with a kid.

My Story

Julian Bashford is the Producer and Creator of a slate of TV shows and films in development, or in production, for children and family audiences. He is an aspie, a musician and music fan, an Apple geek, a proud Dad of two and husband of one!

Julian Bashford spent 25 years as founding director and CEO of Vocality, an international manufacturer of satellite communications hardware and software, with specific focus on tactical (secure) voice and radio services. Operating a business of great engineers, commercial people and software & hardware developers out of the UK, Washington DC and Australia meant 25 years of travelling the world, and he has often visited places as diverse as Brazil, India, Hong Kong, South Africa, Canada and much of Europe and the United States. 

He had already got the production bug, commissioning and writing a series of adverts for Vocality, with the voice of Mr Benn himself - Ray Brooks. He has also spent 20 years providing technical, fan management and visuals creation and general support to musician Dr Robert and The Blow Monkeys.

As a strong supporter of LEND WITH CARE , Julian commissioned an advert, in stop motion, with Joanna Lumley that has proven SO successful, it is still often shown on Sky and Channel 5, 5 years later. 

Julian left the world of international satellite communications and manufacturing and setup Visionality in 2017 to develop and create new children's TV IP, forming teams of writers, artist, directors and technical specialists to address each shows individuals demands.

In 2018, he started working with incredible writers Jon Groves and Simon Guerrier, and has established partnerships with several of the UK's finest production studios including Mackinnon and Saunders, and Studio Liddell. With a series in production currently, further TV series in development and films being developed, and one pandemic (hopefully) out of the way, the journey has only just begun. 


I'm always delighted to meet up, have a virtual coffee on Zoom or hey, actually meet in person!!! Crazy idea!

+44 7525 700668