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Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime.

Four children, Popi, Maddie, Ben and Frankie are participating in a big life change. They are part of a group of twenty people gathered from all round the world to live on an island, and create a new community. It is the biggest adventure any children could possibly live.

It’s a life of extremes. An extreme lifestyle is not for everyone and the children experience the highs and sometimes the difficulties of being part of a community where even getting milk for your cornflakes is a challenge.

Fernley Island Adventure is Castaway, Eden or The Island with Bear Grylls, reimagined for kids. Fernley is a series of dramas with light comedy, and learning on an extremely diverse, but hugely relevant range of life subjects.

This ambitious and ground breaking show is the first of a kind.

Julian Bashford - Creator
Jon Groves - Head Writer
Brian Neish - Educational Consultant
Neal Petty - Island Design
Bianca Ansems - Character Design
Jon Doyle - Storyboarding

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