This is not a science show.

There is not a lab coat in sight.
There is no official experimentation.
There are no test results.
There are no scientists.
Not even a narrator.

So what is it?

Well, it’s a show about young kids really learning about the world around them.

Not by a teacher teaching them.
Not by a YouTuber YouTubing them.
Not even by reading a book.

They learn by playing.
They learn by doing.
They learn by laughing.
The learn by trying, failing and finding out for themselves.

Welcome to Fizz Bang (and don’t forget Gran)

“Ensuring children have positive and fun associations with science will enable us, as a society, to produce engineers, researchers and pioneers of the future. The Institute of Physics believes early year engagement with science is essential to help stimulate discussion about science in the home.”
The Institute of Physics in the UK