FLAME Pilot Released


FLAME started life in April 2017, and working with an amazing team, we come to this point where we are delighted to share FLAME with the world.

FLAME is an exciting new animated science fiction series aimed at 8 to teenage audiences. We are excited that we have a show with strong female characters, with huge story telling potential that goes beyond a simple action series.

Episode 1 introduces audiences to all the key characters and sets up the series ready for episode 2 and beyond, as our team come face to face with the worst type of bounty hunter, they meet Mary Shelley and discover the true science of Frankenstein, join Captain Cook making a deep space discovery, with Wild West Hustlers, tentacled monsters in an ancient tomb, as well as attending a Mad Hatter's tea party with waxworks coming to life before their eyes.

FLAME was created by Julian Bashford. Joining Julian as Head Writer is FLAME's 'Head of Fiction', Simon Guerrier. Simon is a writer of Doctor Who audio adventures as well as science fiction fact and fiction. 

FLAME brings depth, diversity and engaging stories for our younger audiences. We look forward to sharing our show with you. If you would like to receive the Vimeo link to FLAME Episode 1, presentation, series bible and scripts, please email julian@visionality.co.uk 

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We have great people behind the scenes as well as behind the microphones. 

Our production team for the Episode 1's 22 minute animatic includes :-

Simon Guerrier - Writer
Bianca Ansems - Storyboards, Character Design
Neal Petty - Location Design
Tracy Nampala - Voice Director
Simon Couzens / Fitzrovia Post - Audio Record/Mix
Sandy Nuttgens - Music
Julian Bashford - Executive Producer

Behind the microphone :-

Rosemary Bashford - FLAME
Jai Harsiani - JEX
Harry Myers - TVORRE KEEN
Sophie Thompson - DULOSIS
Celia Imrie - SQEW

FLAMEJulian Bashford