What do you wanna be
when you get bigger?

Kids love dressing up, adventures, having fun and using their imaginations. They don’t always have the perfect clothes and tools - imagination fills in the gaps! If they want to be an astronaut, then a mixing bowl and dad’s cricket gloves and knee pads will work a treat!

And they are endlessly fascinated about what grown-ups get up to when they are working. However, when their knowledge runs out, their imagination kicks in.

Join Nellie and her friends as they explore adult jobs through the imaginative eyes of five wonderfully different children.

Action, adventure and alien invasions await!

Julian Bashford and Jon Groves - created by, and written by
Bianca Ansems - Character design
Vin James - Storyboarding
Sandy Nuttgens - Music

2D Animated show 52 x 7' with UK animation studio, Studio Liddell, and writing team ready. Please contact julian@visionality.co.uk to receive scripts, bible and presentation.

NELLIE_actionposes_colour1fullres copy 2.png