Our Ongoing Mission

Visionality is a hub of creative talent, formed by Julian Bashford, to create, develop and produce new IP or to work with, and augment existing IPs for a new audience.

Our intention is to be a team that stands out as a prolific creator of quality concepts and new IP, working with trusted, amazing British animation, puppet and live action studios to realise our shows for broadcasters or digital first platforms.

We are an ambitious team, who believe we can create shows that help children understand the world around us, to help them enjoy art, music and drama, while exploring the human condition, emotional learning and the stuff that makes us all tick. 

Finally, it is also our mission not to be boring. Not to be a factory. Our IP is created to be original, sometimes challenging, always interesting. We hope you will come along for the ride.


Example Developments

gradient outline paw_thicker.png

A joyful discovery of the natural world, seen through the eyes of two adorable young pups. Two pup’s back yard adventures are sparked by the finding of an unexpected object, the discovery of a new plant or mini-beast, the changing seasons, a visit from a puppy friend, to name but a few.  Patch and Frisky put the aaaahhh back into pre-school. Read More...

3d and 2d CG - Production Partner - Studio Liddell

Created by Julian Bashford


A new development from Visionality, inspired by children's reduction in facial learning during lockdown, and the dreadful events in Ukraine. First Contact sees an alien arrive at a teleport station, and Millie with James T Dog try to work out, often without a common language, what their needs are.

Created by Julian Bashford and based on James Taylor's 10 minute aliens.


Fernley follows twenty people regenerating an island, restoring its former glory but sensitive to the needs of a 21st century society - power, plastics, food, waste not forgetting fun, adventure, farming, trips on a fernicular and the land yachts racing at the weekend!

Created by Julian Bashford.

The Tour Bus - PNG - transparent background - v2.png

A nationwide tour of 4 puppets - Fortay, Stix, Mikey and Pluck - who discover the art of listening, as they discover the diversity of music and people around the world, and perform a found-sound inspired song from the back of the Tour Bus (complete with dry ice and mega speakers!)

Created by Julian Bashford and Sandy Nuttgens

Nellie and her friends explore the things that adults do, get it wrong and try again. Sounds pretty straight forward, but their adventures in glorious 2D for preschoolers are anything but straight forward. Amazing, fun and inventive adventures away Nellie and co.

Created by Julian Bashford and Jon Groves


A caravan camp site where aliens from around the galaxy come for the full human immersive experience. Inspired by classic sci-fi of old with the joys of
camping and caravans in the glorious countryside. You’ll certainly be coming back for s’mores.

Created by Julian Bashford and Jon Groves