Life is made of beginnings, middles and ends, whether you are a butterfly, a flower or a mouse - or indeed a puppy or a person.

Patch and Frisky are two enthusiastically inquisitive puppies, learning about life in the garden of their small old people’s home where they encounter the unpredictable wonders of nature.

The pups’ infectious enthusiasm drives these tales of joining in, finding out and growing up, although their fellow domestic and wild animals are just as important to this endlessly fascinating natural world.

The ‘people’ residents are also happy to share their experience and wisdom –  human nature is important too – but as Patch and Frisky don’t speak ‘person’ and the people don’t speak ‘puppy’ this can sometimes be tricky.

Still, actions (and hugs) are more important than words, and this is all part of the fun of understanding how the world works and how we all fit in.

At the end of the day, whatever challenges Patch and Frisky face, there’s always a life lesson learned, friendships made and fun had by all.

Studio Liddell - Animation Studio - Co-Production