Pups! is about those fleeting moments in pre-schoolers’ closely supervised lives when they experience the freedom of independence and unguided discovery.

  • Playtime is all day for Patch and Frisky and their equally inexperienced chums who play in their safe but surprisingly expansive garden ‘nursery’.

  • The show follows our group of ‘pups’ as they start following their own noses and making their own decisions, which can be a bit scary but is a key part of growing up.

  • Pups! is about exploring, encouraging each other and gently finding out about how the world (and other pups) really works. For a few minutes, anyway!

“…we will learn to navigate outdoor spaces safely, taking some early steps in terms of weighing up risk, realising boundaries and expanding our sense of freedom too. 
These elements contribute enormously towards a child’s sense of confidence and independence which are vital if we want our children to develop emotional resilience and strong mental health.” –Brian Neish (Children’s Educational Consultant)

Studio Liddell & Visionality Co-Production 52 x 7’ (Show developed from the original Patch and Frisky concept)