(Play the teaser to the 31st Acorn)


The 31st Acorn is a wild, slapstick series about a band of intrepid squirrels working together to protect their scattered supplies in a mostly green zone of endless possibilities where small town meets big country.

This is a show about a band of intrepid grey squirrels who are forever in training and always ready to work together to help, build, create, meet, defend, fix, bury, dig up or just have fun.

The 31st Acorn live in a big oak tree in the back garden of a house perfectly located where town meets countryside and where we can enjoy all of nature’s unpredictability. This is a place where a simple, well intentioned, ‘what could possibly go wrong?’ training mission can easily turn into a natural disaster.

The 31st Acorn is bold, funny new comedy cartoon for 6 to 9 year olds. Of any species. It is a new show from creators Julian Bashford and Jon Groves, with artist and writing talent from shows such as Gumball.

Details available to anyone who has been security cleared.

Email julian@visionality.co.uk for engage security clearance protocol.